In Transit

I’m currently sitting in Fargo’s Hector Airport for my flight leaving in about an hour. It rained here today and is actually pretty foggy right now, but our flight is still scheduled to leave on time. Here’s hoping.

I was going to take this opportunity to take and post a few photos with my Razr, but I’m having trouble getting them transferred over to my new laptop. Proof that even the biggest geek gets stuck every once and a while!

Later: I made it here in one piece. I missed my turns a couple of times, but overall the drive to my hotel wasn’t too bad for not printing out the directions. I was finally able to transfer the pictures from my phone too:

Gate 1

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Not quite full

I love my Razr, but its camera isn’t all that great. It’s way too sensitive to motion, causing almost every picture to be blurry, as you can probably see above. I guess that’s why we still carry around a regular digicam.