I’m In Bubble Wrap

The good people over at 800 CEO Read run a couple of cool side sites related to business. One is ChangeThis, a place where you can download free “manifestos” about all sorts of ideas. The other is called In Bubble Wrap, a contest site where you can register to win business books each weekday.

I’ve been entering daily since the second drawing back in November, and finally won my first book on February 11th:

 Harvard Business Essentials: Marketer's Toolkit

Then, yesterday, I received an email notice telling me that I had won again:

 Lipstick on a Pig

This morning, I was extremely surprised to see that I apparently won yet again:

 Dave Barry's Money Secrets

Here’s a big thanks to Jack Covert and the rest of the 800 CEO Read team for being such great members of the business community and for giving away lots of awesome free stuff!

2 replies on “I’m In Bubble Wrap”

Hey Jason,

Congrats on the triple-winning! We’re glad you keep coming back.

The 8cr Crew

gotta say thanks for posting this. I signed up, haven’t won anything yet, but it’s a neat concept.

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