Growing Boy

Kael is now just over 4 1/2 months old, and he’s a very happy little baby. Thankfully, he’s been healthy and eating well.

Smiling with Mommy

What a look!

Faking it.

Sitting Up

The glare

Tomorrow we’re going to be taking part in the monthly Bootcamp for New Dads again, making it our second appearance as “veterans”. It should be a lot of fun again!

One reply on “Growing Boy”

Nice looking kid. Though I think he’s up to something in the bottom pic. Already a thinker, with any luck he’ll be a schemer in no time. Scheming up all sorts of schemes…and shenanigans. Maybe he’ll call them schemenigans. No, wait, that’s stupid. Funny, but also stupid. Well okay, it’s just stupid.

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