Business Venture Update

Late last week we began what will be a one month plus final push before we officially open our doors for business. That date has already been pushed back several times because of various project delays, but I’m happy to say they’ve been blessings in disguise. We can use the extra couple of weeks to work out the bugs in our systems and really make sure everything is in order for opening day.

So far, out of everything I’ve been learning and doing, I’ve definitely enjoyed working on our business, sales, and marketing documents the most. The guy I’m developing them with has been great. He knows the industry very well, and is open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I’m playing the role of editor, taking his ideas and concepts and crystallizing them to their absolute core message. It’s challenging and very time consuming, but extremely fun!

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Nope, you’re on the boat. I actually haven’t said what the business is yet. Due to some, shall I say, unique circumstances, I can’t say what exactly I’m doing until at least early next month. Sorry!

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