NBC’s Really Got Conviction

It’s really encouraging to see a big media company finally “get” how to market on the web. This morning I saw a very interesting piece of news over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog: NBC is giving away the pilot episode of Conviction, its new court room drama, on iTunes.

That in itself is fairly impressive, especially when compared to the clueless antics of CBS (who recently said it would be offering episodes of the new season of Survivor that expire after 24 hours). The part that’s big news to me though, is that they’re making the pilot episode available before it even airs on TV. It’s a pretty bold move, and will hopefully get enough people interested to build a large audience right away.

We’ll soon find out if NBC’s experiment is successful or a huge flop, but either way, it’s great to see them taking risks and trying new things. I hope it pays off for them!