Congratulations Tera!

It’s once again time to exercise my brotherly right to brag up my younger sister. Tera has been running her own photography studio, Blessings Photography, out of her home for the last several years, specializing in newborns and kids. She’s got amazing talent, but what I really admire is her ability to naturally “just get” the new rules of marketing. She makes it all look so easy!

Case in point: The conjoined Carlsen twins from Fargo have been in the news lately, prompting many in the community and the region to help out the family in various ways. Tera decided to write a letter to the parents inviting them to her studio for a free photography session. Recently, they took up her offer:

Tera and the Carlsen twins

That photo is from Monday’s edition of the Fargo Forum, under which is a caption with Tera’s name and the name of her business. It’s advertising that no money can buy, even though she had no idea she’d be mentioned in a story when she first wrote the letter. She was just doing what she thought was the right thing.

Thinking about it, that’s what Tera does really well in her business. She goes out of her way to exceed the expectations of her customers and to let them know they’re special. Fargo is lucky to have her!

Oh yeah, and how could I forget – She’s got a blog too!

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I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Abbe and Belle. They are my nephews children. Jesse and Amy have been truely blessed not just by their beautiful daughters but by the kindness of people like you. The blessings just keep over flowing. The next time some one asks “how are you today?” I will most definitly respond “blessed!”. Thank you again.
(p.s. I bought 5 pictures because I couldn’t decide!)

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