Geek Dad

I just came across a funny, but spot-on, blog entry via Parent Hacks. It’s entitled “Top ten reasons Geeks make good fathers“, and had me smiling and nodding my head in agreement while reading the whole thing.

A week or two ago, I was just telling Casey about the killer new Lego Mindstorms NXT set coming. I mean, how can you resist a robotic Lego set you can control using Bluetooth? I can see Kael and I having lots of fun building robots in a few years!

After reading #8 on the list, I needed to go back and reread it, because it sounds exactly like something I would say. Here it is in its entirety (emphasis is mine):

8. GADGETS. Never again will you have to wonder what that new electronic toy is that all the kids have. In fact, your Geek will probably already own it. The problem arises when the Geek won’t share with the children. “Daddy, I want a digital camera.” After the child leaves the room: “I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on a digital camera for him, he’s too young.” I say “Let’s get him a cheap one.” Steve looks at me as if I just said Aliens are invited to dinner. ” To have it take crappy pictures?” He scoffs and walks away in disgust. No sub-par electronics in this house! How dare I suggest it.

Yup, no question about it. I’m a geek dad. Although I must say, Casey is turning out to be quite the geek mom too. She’s a diehard Mac user, an avid video game player, and has recently started blogging. No wonder I love her so much!