Back From a Christmas Break

Although I had no intention of taking a break from blogging last week, that’s exactly what happened. It was nice to have a chance to relax for a bit while spending time with Casey, Kael, family, and friends. Plus, it didn’t help that I had a mild case of writers block going on. So, if this post is weaker than usual, you know why.

First, a short Kael update. Our little guy is doing really well, and is actually not quite so little anymore. At his two month appointment today he weighed in just shy of 12 lbs – he has become quite the exceptional eater. He has slept through the night several times now, including Christmas Eve – his special gift to mom and dad. In addition to the normal check-up today, he also got his first set of immunization shots. He did a very good job, and is now at home resting from all of the excitement.

Here are a few new photos of him taken with my Razr (that’s why the quality isn’t the best):

Mr. Smiley

Wide Awake

Taking a rest

Now, onto the main point of this point. One of my readers (thank you all for making that readers instead of reader), Lorenzo, recently asked me what I’m reading when it comes to business blogs and magazines. Business reading seems to be scarce lately, as I’ve been trading Dr. Clayton Christensen for Dr. Seuss. Still, I’ve managed to keep up a little bit of biz reading here and there.

First, I’ve been chipping away at my reading list, while adding new items at the same time. I’ve updated my largely neglected reading list to reflect what I’m currently spending my time with, along with that I hope to be reading soon in the future. My business reading is heavily focused toward various aspects of innovation (my passion), while my technology books are related to programming with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework.

As for magazines, I get three different ones in the mail every month: Fast Company, Business 2.0, and Wired. I used to get Business Week will I was taking my strategic management class back in 2004, but I’ve replaced that information with a variety of web resources.

I’m subscribed to a ton of different blogs in bloglines, quite a few of them relating to business and/or technology. Instead of trying to list them here, I’ll instead point you to my public bloglines profile, where you can browse my subscriptions to get a feel for what gets my attention. Same thing goes for my page – While the pages I bookmark there have more of a tech angle, it (along with my bloglines subs) is the best way to see what I’m interested in at any given time. There’s also my Furl archive, but I haven’t added anything to it for over a month since I seem to be favoring the simplicity of lately, thanks to its really good extension for Firefox.

I’m also a huge fan of podcasts and other audio. I regularly listen to Marketplace, Brain Brew Radio, Venture Voice, This Week in Tech, Diggnation, IT Conversations, O’Reilly Media’s Distributing the Future, The Web 2.0 Show, Security Now!, Inside the Net, and the Ruby on Rails Podcast. A lot of those are tech focused, but the first three are amazing business resources. Some of the others stray into business every once in a while too, but they offer a wide variety of really good content regardless.

How about you? Do you have any business books/blogs/podcasts you want to evangelize? Hop into the comments and let me know!