I’m #1!

Finally, after years of seeing my somewhat juvenille (and very egotistical) goal of having this site listed as the first Google search result for “Berberich” go unfulfilled, it has finally happened. While performing my weekly ego search this morning (What? Don’t tell me you’ve never done it.), I found this: I’ve been hovering around the […]

Grand Forks

Daddy Bootcamp

On Saturday I had the opportunity to make a return trip to the Boot Camp For New Dads at Altru – this time as a “veteran dad”. Kael made the short trip to the hospital with me and was quite the little trooper through the 2 1/2 hour class. It was also apparently a boot […]

Web Services

Using the LibraryLookup Project with ODIN

Earlier today, I was reminded of Jon Udell’s amazing LibraryLookup Project after he posted a new blog entry where he published some Python code for it. What it does is simple, yet very useful. If you’re browsing Amazon or some other page containing a book’s ISBN number, you can click a JavaScript bookmarklet which will […]

Web Development

Google Web Authoring Statistics

On the heels of their year-end Zeitgeist, Google has released the results of an interesting web authoring analysis. By sampling over one billion web pages, a feat few others could accomplish, the company gives us a pretty good idea of how people are using HTML on their sites. While I’m sure most people could care […]


Geek Dad

I just came across a funny, but spot-on, blog entry via Parent Hacks. It’s entitled “Top ten reasons Geeks make good fathers“, and had me smiling and nodding my head in agreement while reading the whole thing. A week or two ago, I was just telling Casey about the killer new Lego Mindstorms NXT set […]

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a Go!

This is just a short update on my current programming project that I mentioned last week. On Friday, I met with our sever guys after our team meeting to discuss the possibility of using Ruby on Rails to power the redesigned training management application. We had a great conversation. Neither of them were very familiar […]


Swat – Another PHP Web Framework

I came across yet another PHP web development framework last night: Swat. This one is also PHP5 only like most of the others, but it at least looks like it has some style. Similar to 37Signals, the company who gave us Ruby on Rails, silverorange is mainly known for their web design work. This is […]


A little bit of insanity

Note: _why removed all of his sites and code from the web in August 2009, so the links below won’t work. A good portion of his stuff has been archived at the whymirror project on Github. One of the most interesting, and by far the most entertaining, people in the Ruby community is a mysterious […]

Web Development

Web Frameworks or: How I learned to stop worrying about PHP and love Ruby

Right now I’m in the early stages of my first big project after launching the redesigned EduTech website. It’s an overhaul/redesign of a web-based application I wrote about a year ago to manage all of the workshops our trainers offer to North Dakota teachers. While my first stab at it was, by all accounts, a […]


PeopleSoft: Worst Software. Ever.

I needed to hop onto my UND PeopleSoft account a few minutes ago to see how much money I owe the university this semester, and it only served to remind me that it is the single worst example of web-based software I have ever seen. Ever. I can feel my stress level rise and my […]