Merry Christmas!

I thought I’d put up one last post before we leave for the Christmas weekend. Casey, Kael, and I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Below is our family Christmas card for this year, taken and retouched by my very talented younger sister. Here’s hoping […]


An Amazing Christmas Gift

Last night Casey and I had our own private gift exchange at home since we didn’t want to haul around anything extra in our Mazda 3 this weekend than necessary. I ended up getting an amazing present from her: an acoustic guitar! I was shocked! I knew she was getting me one big present instead […]


The Lonely Island

OK, I admit it. I was a little slow on this one. I first heard about a group of young comedians called The Lonely Island via Boing Boing back in August, but never bothered to check them out. Then, early this week, everyone was raving about the group’s effort shown on Saturday Night Live last […]


Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Now, this is simply genius. It’s one of those things that makes me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Remember the classic Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza explains the origins of Festivus, his noncommercial holiday alternative for Christmas which lands on December 23rd? You can now purchase your very own Festivus Poles, made from […]

Web Development

Analyzing Web Traffic: Google Zeitgeist and More

Ever since I started doing the whole web development thing, I’ve been interested and amazed with the amount of information you can gain by watching your website traffic, especially over time to discover trends. I was reminded by this today when Google released its 2005 Year-End Zeitgeist to the world, aggregating billions of search queries […]


New Mobile Phone – Motorola Razr V3C

After almost four years with the same phone, the Kyocera QCP 3035, I finally got a new one last Thursday – the Motorola Razr V3C. Here they are, old and new, side by side: The photos are a little misleading – in reality, the size difference isn’t all that big. The Razr really is as […]


New EduTech Website – One Month Update

Ok, so it’s not exactly one month yet, but November 15th was supposed to be the go live date for the new EduTech website until Kael decided to arrive a little earlier than planned. I think enough time has passed to make a few observations and discuss some of the lessons learned. First, the feedback […]

Web Development

Ruby on Rails 1.0 Goes Live

The big news today in the world of web development is that Ruby on Rails 1.0 was officially released. It’s been in continuous development for more than a year, with most of the features in place for a while, so the 1.0 label is more for marketing purposes. After all, not everyone feels comfortable working […]


Prediction: You Won’t Be Using Windows In 10 Years

Here’s my prediction: In ten years (by the end of 2015), the majority of computer users will not be using Microsoft Windows as their operating system. What will we be using instead? My bets are on Mac OS X and Linux. Like I’ve mentioned before, I think Microsoft’s best days are behind it. It’s too […]


Why DRM Sucks

In their effort to punish protect consumers, the entertainment industry has resorted to using so-called “digital rights management” technology, known in the biz as DRM, to protect their intellectual property, namely music and movies. For example, DVDs contain an early form of DRM called Content Scrambling System (CSS), which encrypts discs in an effort to […]