Kael Update

Sorry for the lack of updates – it’s been a busy few days, as you can probably imagine. Because Kael is a preemie, it took him a little while to figure out the whole eating thing, which was a concern for the first couple of days. We spent hours the first nights feeding him drops of milk from a syringe which, while a long process, at least provided us with a little comfort in knowing he was getting some nurishment. The doctors discharged Casey from the hospital Saturday afternoon, but moved Kael to the pediatric wing a few doors down from where we were staying. The three of us stayed in the room Saturday night and, feeling a lot more comfortable, finally made it home late Sunday afternoon.

This morning we took Kael in for what we thought would be a quick five minute weight checkup at the clinic. It turned out to be closer to an hour. Besides checking his weight (he’s gaining!), they also had to draw some blood from his heel to check for jaundice. It appears that he is a little yellow, but the nurse didn’t seem very concerned since he’s now eating well and has lots of wet and dirty diapers.

Kael has been great the last couple of days at home. Our main issue right now is that since he doesn’t get the concept of night and day, he likes to be awake at exactly the time we want to be sleeping. So, we’ve had a couple of almost sleepless nights, although I can safely say that I’ve managed to get more than Casey because of the feedings. Today we started making some changes and starting a routine which will hopefully get him on a schedule more like ours. So far, that has meant keeping him awake longer after eating and rearranging his feeding times a bit. Time will tell if it works!

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So glad to hear everyone is home and slowly adjusting. I hope Kael doesn’t have jaundice, it’s a pain. Erin was and had to spend a few extra days in the hospital and most of it was spent under the bili lights and when we did bring her home she had to wear a bili blanket. But we more than bonded afterwards. :-) Good luck with the schedule adjusting. You are way more ambitious than I. I just slept when they did and after a month or so they got it. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Kael, it made me want another (gasp).

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