Weekend Fun

Casey and I got back into town from our weekend in Washburn with her parents. We had a great time. Casey’s aunts had a baby shower for her earlier today, so we brought home a car full of new things for baby berbs. We weren’t really thinking about a baby when we bought the Mazda 3 last year, so it’s a little on the small side for a car seat, but we’ll manage. If anything, maybe we’ll learn how to be better packers.

On Saturday I took my first ever pheasant hunting trip (make that hunting trip – period). My father-in-law, Casey’s uncle Dave, and I went down to some ranch land near the South Dakota border owned by another of Casey’s uncles. It was a beautiful day and an awesome time. It was my first time hunting and the first time shooting a shotgun since I can remember. We ended up coming home with four pheasants and three grouse, one of which I shot. I would definitely go bird hunting again sometime!

I hope to get a few pictures of the day from Dave soon, so if I do, I’ll add them to the bottom of this post.