Lots of New Stuff From Apple

Yesterday Apple held a highly anticipated media event – so much so, that you could even place bets on what would be announced. I briefly skimmed Engadget‘s live coverage of the event after lunch and noticed the biggest news: video iPods and video content for purchase on the iTunes Music Store. Really, the only thing that surprised me about that was the fact that iTunes 6 was released only about a month after iTunes 5. That after being stuck on iTunes 4 for what seems like two years.

The announcements that didn’t get much coverage are actually pretty exciting to me. For one, Apple released new and improved iMac G5 systems that come with a built-in iSight camera, a remote control, and the Photo Booth and Front Row. I, along with a lot of other people, think that Front Row is Apple’s first step into the living room. With a couple of more pieces of hardware (a TV tuner and a video-enabled Airport Express), you could replace your TiVo with a simple and beautiful Apple-based system.

If you ever wonder why people absolutely love Apple products, just take a look at the design of these new products. It’s obvious how work they put into the small little details that make a big difference. Other companies, especially those competing against the iPod with other music players (I’m looking at you, Creative), just don’t get it. Design is the soul of Apple products. To others, it’s just something that’s tacked on at the last minute.