Treo 700w Coming Soon

Early last year, I mentioned how the rumored Treo 610 (later to become the Treo 650) was the smart phone that had everything I wanted in a mobile phone. Verizon Wireless finally got the 650 earlier this year, but I still haven’t made the move. I’m pretty much waiting for my current Kyocera candy bar model to die, which could happen any day now. This weekend it randomly rebooted itself during several calls and the little navigation joystick is not working quite right anymore.

Since I might be in the market for a phone again soon, I was happy to see a preview of the Treo 700w on Engadget. The 700w looks a lot like the 650, but actually runs Windows Mobile instead of the Palm OS. Wi-Fi Secure Digital cards appear to work perfectly, and this Treo even has EV-DO high speed internet connectivity. The most surprising part to me is that the Treo 700w is actually being released on Verizon Wireless first.

It sounds like the new Treo will be available in early 2006. I hope my phone lasts until then!