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I got up early this morning and worked out at the wellness center for a while before heading to the office for work. My audio program of choice today was the latest edition of the Gillmor Gang podcast. The major topic discussed by the guys was Microsoft and its future. It was pointed out how just five years ago, everyone thought the monopolist was ready to “take over the world”. Many tech leaders now have a dramatically different view – one of a fallen giant that couldn’t innovate itself out of a box. As one of the gang said: Microsoft is 20th century. That’s got to hurt!

While listening to the discussion of Windows, web services, and the so-called Internet Operating System, my mind wandered to my own recent experiences. In the last year, I can easily say that I spend at least 80% of my computer time working in a web browser (Firefox, in particular). I just don’t depend on that many desktop applications anymore. I use Wikis instead of Word, Basecamp instead of Project, Backpack instead of an organizer, Bloglines instead of FeedDemon, and Gmail instead of Thunderbird (at home at least). Recently, even Photoshop Album, our photo organizer of choice, became less relevant with the fun and features of Flickr.

Really, the only program I currently can’t replace with a web-based app is Microsoft Money. If our bank continues to build up the features of its online services though, it may not be very long before I’m completely untied from any one computer or operating system. Maybe then I can finally dump my Windows XP computer at home and replace it with a Macintosh – something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

So, what have your experiences been? Have you been spending more time in a browser too?

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Definitely. I thought it was a grand success when I first used another browser aside from Ie on a regular basis. (Opera first then Mozilla)
In time (short time) I can see myself easily leaving behind many box-applications.
MS Money was the first one I gave up, though I am an Excel junkie.

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