JotSpot Live

In the last year or so at EduTech, I’ve taken it upon myself to evangelize the wonder of wikis as a means of storing our organizational knowledge. After testing out several different open source wiki packages, we finally settled on the php-based DokuWiki, which is powerful yet easy to use. Wikis are great for a […]


Harvey Danger Taking A Risk

Via Boing Boing, Harvey Danger (of Flagpole Sitta fame), just released their latest album, Little by Little, for free download on the Internet. The best part, is that the files are high quality and complely DRM free MP3s. You can read their reasoning on their site if your wondering why they decided to do this. […]


Managing and Minimizing Risk

I thought I’d follow up on the security presentation I mentioned a week ago when I was home sick. I have to say that by all accounts, our session, Managing and Minimizing Risk, was a great success. We had a packed room, so much so that we had a few people sitting out in the […]


Treo 700w Coming Soon

Early last year, I mentioned how the rumored Treo 610 (later to become the Treo 650) was the smart phone that had everything I wanted in a mobile phone. Verizon Wireless finally got the 650 earlier this year, but I still haven’t made the move. I’m pretty much waiting for my current Kyocera candy bar […]

North Dakota

Porkbusters – North Dakota’s Share

I’ve been very interested by the blogging exercise that has evolved into Porkbusters this past week. The basic idea: offset the billions of dollars being spent on Katrina relief with cuts in pork spending. The meme has picked up speed since it was formalized on Sunday, and has received some media attention. I personally like […]

Grand Forks

At Home Sick

Yesterday I finally realized why I didn’t have the energy to sit down and write anything for the last few days. I’ve had a cold for almost a week, but since it got worse last night, I decided to sleep in and catch up on my rest. I got a few extra hours of sleep […]


Living in a browser

I got up early this morning and worked out at the wellness center for a while before heading to the office for work. My audio program of choice today was the latest edition of the Gillmor Gang podcast. The major topic discussed by the guys was Microsoft and its future. It was pointed out how […]


Getting Things Done Presentation

I started writing another post earlier about a browser bug I spent most of Friday tracking down, but it was so obscure and weird that I ended up boring myself when I was about halfway done. I figured that if I couldn’t bring myself to finish it, I couldn’t expect you to actually read it. […]


Birthday #27

Today marks my 27th birthday, and so far it’s been a good one (it beats #20 hands down). I received lots of congratulations from my coworkers and the folks at my office even had a little get-together with snacks this afternoon. I’ve already received and opened my gifts from Casey too! I now have a […]


New Orleans

I don’t feel like I can add much to the discussion of the New Orleans disaster. I’m sadden by the tremendous loss of life, by the conditions the survivors had to endure at the Superdome and the convention center, and sickened by the looting, killing, accusations of racism, and opportunism of all kinds. It’s pretty […]