Not the Best Day Ever…

Yesterday didn’t go down as our best Monday ever. I took the day off so Casey and I could attend our third funeral this summer – this one for my Grandpa Fred. We drove back to my home town of Brooks, Minnesota in the morning for the 10:30 funeral. It was touching to see a full church and so many friends and relatives. You could really see that my grandpa was well loved. He will be missed by many.

Once we were back home in Grand Forks and ate dinner, we decided to drive across town to Target so we could start our baby registry. We walked out to our Nissan Maxima, which was parked on the street in front of our apartment, when Casey saw a piece of paper under the windshield wiper. We immediately assumed it was a ticket, but we couldn’t think of why we would get one. When we read it, we quickly realized it was a note from someone either living or visiting a house across the street. They noticed something we didn’t – we had two flat tires!

Our Maxima with slashed tires

Front tire

Back tire

Some little punks were apparently pretty busy Sunday night, because as the note said, there were several other cars on our street with one or both of the street facing tires slashed. Thankfully we are AAA members, so we were able to get a free tow to Home of Economy, where we had them replace all four tires.

The tow truck driver said there were many people reporting slashed tires in the last couple of days, so apparently it wasn’t just our street which was targeted. We’re not holding out much hope that the people who did this will actually be caught. It would be a nice surprise though…