Summer Class – Done!

About an hour ago I turned in my last final of my graduate school career. After a small setback in May, I now have the three elective credits I need to graduate. The really cool thing about this final was that I didn’t even have to go to class to take it. Because Management & Technology is an IVN distance education class with students from three different sites, we use the Blackboard course management tool to turn in papers, view grades, etc. Our instructor posted the test questions a few minutes before class and I was then able to write the exam from my computer at home. Pretty slick.

Having finished this class, I only have my independent study left. My advisor and I had a really interesting and promising topic picked out, but unfortunately the timing just didn’t work out. I won’t go into the details, but it’s kind of a bummer because it really showed potential. Thankfully, there’s another project I should be able to complete before December graduation. It’s not as sexy as the one we were going to do, but it’ll get the job done!