Riding Bike Again!

Yesterday after work I took my first bike ride in over three years. My really fun to ride Gary Fisher Big Sir had been sitting in our closet until we moved last fall, after which it sat in the garage at our new place. I finally took it to our local Scheels store over the weekend for a tune-up so I could be sure the shifters, suspension, and brakes were all in good working condition.

Since the UND Wellness Center was closed yesterday, it was a great chance to my bike out for a ride. I ended up being gone a little over an hour and went maybe six or seven miles. I’m still not totally used to the clipless pedals I have on it, but I should be pretty comfortable after a few more rides.

I forgot how much I missed being out on a bike! Of course it would be a lot more fun if Casey were able to join me, but that’s not going to happen during the pregnancy. I’ll just need to start substituting these rides for some of my trips to the gym…