Off To Seattle

In just a little bit, Casey and I will be leaving for an almost week long trip to Seattle. I’m going to be attending the Web Design World 2005 conference for work and Casey will be my travel companion. This is the first time she has been able to go on a conference trip with me, so we’re both excited about that.

We’ll be flying out of Minneapolis early tomorrow morning, so we’re driving down there today and will spend the night by the Mall of America. We don’t really have much planned for when we arrive tomorrow, but our hotel is right on the waterfront and pretty centrally located, so it shouldn’t be very hard to get to where we want to go.

There is one dark cloud hanging over our trip, however. I received a call from my mom less than an hour ago, when she let me know that my grandpa (my dad’s dad) isn’t doing well and is only expected to live a few more days. My parents were their way to see him when she called, and after talking it over, Casey and I decided that we’re going to take a different route than usual so we can go see him too. If he does happen to pass away this week and we missed the funeral, I would feel a lot better knowing I took my chance to say goodbye and see him one last time.