Vacation is Almost Here…

Only one more night of class and one day of work left before I’m officially on vacation! The bad side of this is that I am not even close to being ready! I have a good feeling that I’ll be very busy scrambling around tomorrow night and Friday morning before we drive down to Fargo for our flight.

This week-long cruise we’re going on will mark the longest time in three years that I’ll be completely offline. The last time this happened was actually our honeymoon, which we spent in Disney World. I’m completely ready for a nice break from work, class, and the busyness and distractions that come up everyday. Neither of us are even taking our iPods – it’ll just be us and whatever reading material we choose to bring along.

And that, if you can believe it, is probably the toughest decision I need to make: What books should I take with? If you’ve seen my reading list, you know that I have plenty to pick from. I was considering bringing along the two business books we’re reading for my summer class, but I’m leaning towards a variety that are selected “just for fun”. Of course for me, fun still means a couple of business books (that shouldn’t surprise you!). Casey also recommended I finally read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which was a birthday gift to her from my parents. In any case, it’ll be nice to knock a few books off the “must read” list!

We’ll be taking our camcorder (which hasn’t gotten much use since Disney World) and digital camera on the trip, so we’ll have some memories to share when we get back. I’m hoping to finally make use of my Flickr account to share some of our pictures!