Misc. on the Mazda 3

Yes, Casey and I made it back from our cruise, safe and rested. A detailed post about it will follow when time allows, which unfortunately isn’t right now.

Here’s something else in the mean time. Via Instapundit, here’s an article on about the Mazda 3, the great little car we bought almost a year ago.

The article talks about the supposedly poor steering of the 3 relative to the model it replaced, the ProtegĂ©. I’ve never driven a ProtegĂ© before, so I don’t know how that particular car handled, but I can safely say that Casey and I have never even thought it was an issue with our 3. It’s been an awesome car for us: plenty of power, looks and quality of a vehicle costing twice as much, and really good gas mileage (33+ miles per gallon). Still highly recommended!