Live Blogging – Megaconference Jr.

I’m spending the day observing Megaconference Jr. 2005, the world-wide videoconferencing event for K-12 students. According to the official registration list, there are 192 different sites either observing or presenting throughout the 12 hour event. Naturally, problems occur when that many people on the same conference. By far the biggest issue has been sites leaving their microphones unmuted, resulting in a lot of interuptions and frustration.

Overall though, it’s a really cool experience. I wish I had the chance to experience something like the Megaconference Jr. when I was in public school. There are a ton of great presentations scheduled, including two from North Dakota: the first from Valley City High School and the second from the North Dakota Museum of Art. That second presentation will actually be sent from the room we’re currently in at UND. I’m extremely happy to have had the chance to get North Dakota involved in this Internet2 event!

Update @ 1:49 PM: Well, our presentation went on almost an hour behind schedule, but went very well once we actually got started. I want to extend a huge thank you to Sue Fink from the North Dakota Museum of Art for all of her very hard work!