Junk Food Bonds?

I was listening to Monday’s edition of Marketplace, and found one story so amusing that I couldn’t not write about it – “Cheeto Currency“. You can listen to it yourself if you have the free RealPlayer installed

Anyway, they talk about how Frito-Lay’s new Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are apparently the new currency among elementary and middle schoolers. They’re even using some informal futures contracts to trade goods and services in the future.

I had never even heard of these new Cheetos until today. I might have to check them out on our next road trip. It sounds like one of the big draws to the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is that they are actually really hot, which creates some friendly competition and bragging rights for anyone who can handle them. The new snack even has its own online fan club.

Oh, and sorry about the lame title – I couldn’t resist!