FeedDemon = NewsGator

Blog geeks got some big news earlier today: NewsGator has aquired Bradbury Software, the maker of FeedDemon (the absolute best RSS newsreader for Windows) and the awesome TopStyle CSS/HTML editor. Bradsoft was, for all practical purposes, Nick Bradbury, the sole programmer of both products. I’ve been a reader of his blog for some time and am a huge fan of both FeedDemon and TopStyle.

Nick has a lot of very good info about the aquisition on his blog and Chris Pirillo has posted the text of a very good interview with Nick and Greg Reinacker from NewsGator.

I just want to say: Congratulations Nick!. From what I can see he is a very hard worker and has really earned this. It’s clear that this was done for the right reasons, the biggest of which is to give customers the features they want. It looks like both Nick and the people at NewsGator have gone to great lengths to ensure that purchasers of FeedDemon and TopStyle will have a smooth transition. Thanks – I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!