Doofus? Yo.

Well, I’m officially a bonehead. It was just yesterday afternoon when I turned my research paper for Intermediate Accounting II – the last thing I had to turn in this semester. More than that, it marked the end of my last semester of MBA classes. Or so I thought.

Late this afternoon I went to see my MBA advisor. I needed to do some paperwork in order to officially sign up for my independent study – my last project I need to do before I graduate. It turns out, however, that I didn’t follow the rules when I took Intermediate Accounting I & II. Because they are undergraduate classes, I needed to fill out a form and do some extra work for them to count towards my MBA. Needless to say, I didn’t. I talked to this same advisor earlier in the semester and must have completely misunderstood her. I was under the impression that I alright. Nope. I was pretty upset at first, but quickly realized it was my fault for not clarifying the situation and for not staying on top of my requirements.

So anyway, I now need three more graduate credits (in addition to my independent study) before I can graduate with my MBA. As luck would have it, there is a special topics class being taught this summer that will fit into my schedule. It’s called Management and Technology, and is meeting in eight-four hour blocks through out May, June, and July. Not ideal, by any means, but it’ll do.

It’s a little unreal that those accounting classes, two of the hardest courses in my college career, aren’t even being counted toward my degree. I don’t regret taking them, however – even now. I think the knowledge I gained from them will serve me well at some point during my career. I’ll make sure that it does now!.