Stories – We’ve All Got’em

If you’ve read some of my previous entries or have taken a look at my reading list, you may have noticed that I’m somewhat of a Seth Godin groupie. After taking a graduate marketing course in the fall of 2003 and becoming pretty cynical about the whole topic, I found Seth Godin’s books very refreshing. He showed me that there is more, much more, to marketing than advertising and that mass market advertising is pretty much DOA. Hint to the UND Marketing Department: You may want to consider updating your class offerings – they’re a bit (how do I say this nicely?) – dated. The 1990’s called – they want their marketing classes back. Show me some classes about creating kick ass products and services and creating customer evangelists – then we’ll talk.

So, anyway, I was very happy to see today on Seth’s Blog that his new book is coming out on May 23th. It’s called All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World. I’ve actually been hearing the “stories” meme a lot lately, and believe it’s tremendously powerful. Doug Hall and Jeff Stamp said it better than I ever could in Meaningful Marketing with a quote from Don Hulett of 60 Minutes fame:

When all is said and done, telling stories is what its all about.

Thanks Seth – I can’t wait! I’ll be keeping up on the Liars Blog until I actually get my hands on the book!

P.S. – Thanks for the link Jackie and Ben! I didn’t expect to hear my own voice on your latest podcast, so I was (pleasantly) surprised. By the way – I loved the music this time around! Keep up the great work!