Web Development

CSS Frustration

I’m currently trying to get rid of some persisting CSS bugs in the web application I’m developing at work, and it’s starting to make my head hurt. I’ve got a fairly complex CSS layout with a lot of floats, some of which are side-by-side. When viewing a couple of the pages in Internet Explorer, a column on the right side of the page is being pushed below the left column instead of being shown by its side. These pages appear fine in Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari, however, so it’s really frustrating. It appears that IE is drawing one of the columns wider than firefox, which is forcing it below. The question is, what is different about those two pages that is causing the problem? I’m using the same XHTML template and the exact same styles as the other pages, but something unique to those pages is causing the problem.

Well, that’s about it. Just wanted to vent. I will do a happy dance the day Internet Explorer 6 is declared dead, which fortunately is looking a little closer this week thanks to the announcement of Internet Explorer 7. Now, back to bug hunting…