Web Development

CSS Frustration

I’m currently trying to get rid of some persisting CSS bugs in the web application I’m developing at work, and it’s starting to make my head hurt. I’ve got a fairly complex CSS layout with a lot of floats, some of which are side-by-side. When viewing a couple of the pages in Internet Explorer, a […]



Today I downloaded and installed Quicksilver on my PowerMac at work after about a week of curiousity. I first read about it on 43 Folders (one of my favorite new sites), which offers a bunch of “life hacks” with the aim of becoming more productive in work and life. I have to admit that I […]


Note To Self…

Keep an eye on Symantec in the future. I just saw this post on the Business 2.0 blog and found the quote from Symantec CEO John Thompson very interesting: I don’t plan to go to the Justice Department and whine about Microsoft’s monopoly. I’d rather fight Microsoft in the marketplace, because I’m sure we’ll whip […]


Missing the Point…

Over the last several years I’ve really come to respect the insight and forward thinking of the people running InfoWorld magazine. InfoWorld is one of three enterprise IT magazines I am subscribed to, the other two being InformationWeek and eWeek. InfoWorld is the only one I read consistently, to the point that I’m a little […]