Interesting Idea But…

Yesterday while grocery shopping at our local Super Target, Casey and I came across a new product in the produce department. It’s called the Grapple, and is supposed to combine “the sweet flavor of Concord Grapes” with “the delightful taste of a Washington Apple”. It’s supposed to be an apple that tastes like grapes – an interesting idea which made us a little curious about how they actually taste. They only came in plastic packages of four, so we decided to spend a couple of dollars on them.

So, how are Grapples? Not that good. Their smell is very remenicent of grape Kool-Aid, meaning they taste nothing like real grapes. We thought they were some genetic hybrid, but it turns out there is really nothing special about them (Ingredients: Apples, Artificial Grape Flavor). Their peels have a weird texture that I find hard to describe (it doesn’t feel like a “normal” apple). Finally, the taste: Once I started to eat it, I could really only taste the apple. The fake grape smell was still strong, however.

I’m wondering if they just sprayed the outside with artificial grape flavoring, or if they somehow inject it. My guess is the first – that would explain the strong smell and the weak taste. I might have to experiment with one by peeling it or scrubbing it to see if that takes the smell away.

Bottomline: I wouldn’t get them again. They seem to be more of a novelty than a food to be eaten on a regular basis. You’re better off grabbing a regular apple and a glass of grape Kool-aid. You’ll get the same experience.