One Month Already?

I’ve been a bad blogger! I just realized that today is exactly one month since my last post here. Needless to day, I’m still alive. Looking back, November was pretty busy, although I didn’t realize it as it was happening. Here’s a quick summary of what I was up to:

  • Developing a major web-based application at work (still working on this one)
  • Gave a presentation on wikis, blogs, and professional development to the NDSU ITS staff
  • Intermediate accounting (and lots of it)
  • Took a trip down to the Twin Cities with my wife and my parents to meet my sister, brother-in-law, and our new nephew when they returned from Russia
  • Spent Thanksgiving weekend relaxing with the family
  • Metroid Prime
  • Half-Life 2

I’m actually really enjoying my web dev project at work, which I will probably write about in more detail in a later post. It’s been challenging, often frustrating, and very rewarding. As for my Intermediate Accounting class, it has gone surprisingly well. I actually understand many of the intricacies of accounts, balance sheets, income and cash flow statements now, something I never would have thought four or five years ago. The best part: only two days of class and one final left!

In all honesty, I didn’t have much desire to sit down and write lately. I feel somewhat refreshed now though, and am planning to spend some time detailing a few of my recent experiences and ideas. It’s good to be back!