Bloghost Update

On Monday I finally took possession of the domain name from Jace Herring at Bloghosts, who will officially shut down their web servers on Saturday. Last week I was…

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Adventures In Podcasting

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of different audio programs while programming at work. Apparently, I need a little change of pace from the usual music and radio programs…

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PHP Power

I've been getting InfoWorld magazine for several years now, and have grown to respect the opinion of their columnists and reviews. For this reason, I was happy to see #18…

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What Does A Guy Have To Do To Find A Good Web Host?

One month ago today, I found out that my web hosting provider, Bloghosts, suffered a catastrophic loss of data, which they claim may have been intentional. Because, of this, they are closing for business as of January 1st, 2005. I have to say that in the year they have been hosting this weblog, Bloghosts has provided great service, especially for the price (I was paying something like $3.00 per month). Unfortunately, I can’t say the same since finding out they are closing for business.


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One Month Already?

I've been a bad blogger! I just realized that today is exactly one month since my last post here. Needless to day, I'm still alive. Looking back, November was pretty…

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