Trackback Spam

The publishing system on the backend of, is Movable Type which has been working pretty well for me overall. Lately, however, I’ve been getting nailed with hundreds of trackback spams. This is really no fault of Movable Type, but is more a result of spammers recently “discovering” trackbacks and flooding weblogs with them. As a result, I have installed the MT-Blacklist plugin, which is supposed to do a very good job of automating the deleting of spam and the blacklisting of spammers. The developer of MT-Blacklist thankfully released an emergency version of the plugin for Movable Type 3.0x in early August, so while the core features work, it is somewhat rough around the edges. I’m having some issues with directory paths; For example, the plugin does not seem to find the style sheet and JavaScript file used to make the interface look pretty. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the plugin itself or with my configuration of Movable Type. I might do some digging if time permits

Other than that, life is extremely crazy right now. Casey and I are finally making the move to our new apartment on Thursday, so things are slowly falling into place. I’m also in my second week of Intermediate Accounting at UND, and have a lot of homework every night. So far this week, I’m two for two in being up past 2 am. I’m getting too old for that late night crap!

Update: With some help off the MT-Blacklist Support Forum, I was able to get everything working smoothly. It turns out a setting in the configuration file was pointing relatively to a folder instead of absolutely (that’s not usually a big deal, but it can become one if you forget about it – like I did).