Back in Grand Forks

We are finally back in Grand Forks after being out of town for two weeks. Casey and I had a nice vacation get away the first week. We spent the first night at my sister’s place in La Crosse for one night, the second at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, the third with family in Stevensville Michigan, and the last in the Twin Cities. It was nice to leave town and recharge for a bit. The Wisconsin Dells was a blast, as were the two afternoons we spent on the beach at Lake Michigan. We were able to take a few pictures, so I will put some of them up when time permits.

We spent our second week house sitting for my parents in Fargo while they were on their Alaskian cruise. I was able to work from EduTech’s office at NDSU, letting me see some of my coworkers more than once every month or two. This time in Fargo also let us spend some time with Tera, Bob, and Kiley, not to mention Dixie. I have to say though, it’s good to be back home. Now we can begin the moving process!

Update (08/06/2004): Vacation pictures are now up in the Flickr photos.