Ronald Reagan: 1911-2004

Saturday saw the passing of one of our country’s greatest Presidents – certainly the greatest President of the last 50 years. His left this nation, and the world, a much different place than he found it. He restored confidence to Americans and made them proud to be citizen of the USA. He was the architect of one of the most dramatic economic recoveries in history and reminded us that “government isn’t the solution to our problems, it is the problem”.

President Reagan’s long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease finally came to an end last weekend, surely giving some relief to his family who has watched him slowly decline over a decade. He is now in a far greater place and he will be sorely missed.

I was only ten years old when President Reagan left office in 1988, so my personal memories of him are limited. I vaguely remember his speech after the Challenger shuttle disaster in 1986 but one thing is vivid: I liked Ronald Reagan a lot. His voice and words were comforting and would put you at ease. His character and beliefs were steady and unmoveable. His vision was amazing, but more amazing still was his ability to communicate it. In recent years I have read and learned much more about this amazing man, who came from a humble background and eventually took on the Soviet Union and communism – and won. I and the rest of our nation will forever be indebted to President Reagan and the legacy he leaves behind.

Thank you President Reagan.

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