Verizon Wireless – Treo 610!

Gizmodo is reporting that Verizon Wireless is expected to launch the Handspring Treo 610 in the last half of 2004. This is THE phone I’ve been waiting for. Features include:

  • Palm OS software (letting you run Palm-based applications)
  • High resolution color screen
  • Integrated camera
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Keyboard
  • Email and web browsing capabilities
  • Expandable via SD and MMC expansion cards

I have vowed to myself that I will not purchase another stand-alone PDA. I love the functionality of my Palm, but I just don’t carry it around with me anymore. It seems too clunky now, and I hate the fact that all of the info on it can’t be accessed from my cellphone (the phone numbers in the address book, for example). A smartphone like the Treo 610 would let me lighten my load by letting me carry around one device instead of two or three. Also, data duplication is evil, in my opinion. The less syncing and importing/exporting between devices I have to do, the better.