NASA Photos

I was in the process of putting up these photos along with some extra descriptions/commentary, but I managed to hit the browser refresh keyboard combination in Safari (command-R) as I was nearing the end of the post. I just don’t have the energy to rewrite everything I had previously, so I’ll just put the photos up. Note to self: When writing a big post in the future, do it in BBEdit rather than directly in the browser!

The front of the Astronaut Memorial:

Astronaut Memorial  - Front

Astronaut Memorial (Back):

Astronaut Memorial - Back

The astronauts lost in the Columbia disaster:

Names of Columbia Astronauts

The Rocket Garden

Another view of the rocket garden

Rocket Garden

Rocket Engine

A space shuttle robot arm provided by Canada:

Space Shuttle Arm - Made in Canada.

The huge Vehicle Assembly Building:

Vehicle Assembly Building Front

Vehicle Assembly Building - Back

LC-39A, the shuttle launch pad:


LC-39A - closer

The enormous Saturn V rocket (which took man to the moon):

Saturn V - 1st Stage

Saturn V - 2nd Stage

Saturn V - 3rd Stage

Saturn V - Flag

Saturn V S3 Engine