More Cruise Photos

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

The swimming pool and waterfall at our Cape Canaveral hotel:

Swimming pool and waterfall at hotel

Here is a view of the pool area from the other side of the waterfall:

view of the pool area from the backside

This is the pool deck on the top of our ship. The large round structure towards the back is the Viking Lounge, one of the many bars on the ship.

The pooldeck at the top of our ship

The beach area on Coco Cay (with LOTS of chairs)

The beach on Coco Cay

Someone resting in the sun at the Coco Cay beach:

Sleeping at the beach on Coco Cay

This is a picture I took of a beautiful beach on Paradise Island. Paradise Island is right by Nassau, and is connected to the main island by two bridges. I took a ferry boat over to the island, and took a very scary taxi ride back to our ship later.

A beach on Paradise Island

Another shot of the same beach, with a lot of people. The pink building you can see in the upper left is the Atlantis hotel, a very big and very expensive resort:

Another photo of a beach on Paradise Island

A woman drawing in the sand on the Paradise Island beach:

Drawing in the sand at Paradise Island

Our ship docked at Nassau and lit up at night:

Our ship at night, docked at Nassau

We will be taking a tour of the NASA facilities at the Kennedy Space Center before going to the airport tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get some good pictures there!