I Just LOVE Grand Forks…

It’s days like today that I question why we still live in Grand Forks:

Current Conditions: -41 degrees F, feels like -62 degrees F

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing -40 F temps before, it’s really something. Vehicles almost refuse to start – it’s like the engine is one solid piece of metal. Exposed skin (mainly your face) burns, and will frostbite if left uncovered for too long. The moisture that keeps your eyes and nose moist and lubricated solidifies. The other day, it actually felt like my eyes were going to freeze open. Luckily, both mine and Casey’s cars started with relative ease this week, so we haven’t had to spend much unnecessary time outdoors. Forecasts predict that we’ll be into above-zero temperatures by early next week, so we’re almost through the worst of it – almost.