It’s About Time!

I’ve finally had enough time to play around with this site this weekend – it only took about a month for me to get to it! I’m attributing the delay on the following:

  1. I do web design all day at work, so I’m usually not jumping at the chance to do more at home
  2. Fall semester was a killer, especially the last few weeks of class (yay case studies, group projects, and final tests!)
  3. I needed a few days to wind down from classes (ok, a week)
  4. My desire to create a good looking template design by myself
  5. That general procrastination that accompanies starting a new project

My original intent was to use this site as my web design playground right from the start. I began creating a new template from scratch earlier this weekend, basing it off a very well done tableless CSS design I found a couple of weeks ago. After a bit of playing around though, I decided that it would be better to get something up now using an existing Movable Type style that works with the default MT templates. I think it looks pretty decent, and I can tweak the colors and fonts however I want. I still want to create my own template files and styles one of these days, but I might as well get better aquainted with the Movable Type template tags before jumping in over my head!